AFJ's HIRE UP Initiative

AFJ’s New HIRE UP Partnership for Businesses: How to Join
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At a time when unemployment is rampant, it is especially hard hitting for our young adults, their families, and the communities Avenues for Justice (AFJ) serves.


In response, AFJ has been providing groceries, supplies, gift cards, laptops, phones, clothing and paying for phone service, electric bills and rents. For a longer term solution, we then launched job training with certification, starting with digital literacy and next launching OSHA 30 construction safety training in August.


There’s another step that’s needed and we can only do this with your help.  Many of our participants have never ventured outside of their neighborhoods, let alone New York City, and many have never been inside an office. If they find a job, it’s typically fast food services. Meanwhile, their goals are to work as paralegals, in construction, music recording, coding, fashion development and marketing and other industries that open up doors that many do not know they have access to. One of AFJ’s critical steps of helping our participants turn their lives around is providing them with avenues to secure viable employment, so that they can pay for rent, learn to save money and help support their families.


AFJ’s HIRE UP:  3 steps to partner with and

change the lives of our young adults:


Step 1 - Mentor our young adults:  Your staff can mentor via virtual conferencing platforms or by phone to describe their positions, their work life, answer questions, and help prepare our participants for a world of employment that’s been out of reach, via resume writing, mock interviews and skill development.

Step 2 - Internships:  AFJ will work with your company to create an internship agreement for the hours your organization needs, including work stipends

Step 3 - HIRE UP!  We hope that by getting to know our participants and assisting them in building awareness and skills that they could be hired for a full, or part-time job while receiving program support from Avenues for Justice and your company mentors.


SIGN UP FOR HIRE UP:  If you have a potential opportunity for one of our participants, or would like to learn more about our employment placement needs, please email our Manager of Court Advocacy, Gamal Willis at


We look forward to partnering with you!