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Learn about COVID-19 Updates and Client/Staff Successes!
Below you can find all of the blogs and newsletters that have gone out since the COVID-19 Pandemic began!



● 11/5/2020: Nelson Valentine: Local Hero, Big Heart
● 9/18/2020: Accountability, Empathy, and Support. Johnny Jara's Recipe for Court Advocacy
● 9/10/2020: How Many Chances Does AFJ Give Our Youth? As Many as They Need.
● 8/17/2020: HIRE UP: Jamal's Story
● 7/30/2020: Knowing Your Rights--More Important Now Than Ever
● 7/22/2020: Remembering John Lewis
● 7/17/2020: Richard Cabral x AFJ's Elsie Flores Summary
● 7/02/2020: Foundations and Individual Giving THANK YOU!
● 6/25/2020: Digital Literacy Online Update
● 6/11/2020: A Gift that Keeps on Giving
● 6/01/2020: #ICANTBREATH
● 4/24/2020: Guided participants dealing with crowded homes
● 4/17/2020: Equipped students digitally
● 4/10/2020: Starting online workshops
● 3/02/2020: Identified ways to run an alternative to incarceration remotely


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Learn about COVID-19 Updates and Client/Staff Successes!