AFJ on #ICantBreathe

Dear Friends,

Here at Avenues for Justice, where the majority of the youth we serve are African American and Latinx, we HAVE to speak up. We are in the business of imparting to our young people that they are more than their skin color, unwise decisions, or mistakes. We will continue to provide them with second chances to build them up to be the best that that they can be. One way to do that is to help create more supportive communities--in which our young people can have access to resources to assist them to grow and prosper. To that end, we call for action to end injustice.


TIME TO STOP turning our prisons into profitable businesses, and filling them with African American and Latinx members of our communities.

TIME TO STOP freeing the privileged from jail while our youth from low-income neighborhoods stay behind bars during COVID-19.

TIME TO STOP calling 911 and falsely reporting African American and Latinx members of our community.

TIME TO STOP injustices against all people because of inherent qualities they carry or the circumstances of their birth.


TIME TO BREATHE peace into our communities, streets and homes instead of violence.

TIME TO BREATHE respect for all people into our communities, statewide and nationwide.

TIME TO BREATHE justice and equity for people of all ethnicities, socioeconomic backgrounds, ages, beliefs, gender expression, employed or unemployed, privileged or powerless.

It’s time for all of us in equal measure to have the chance to breathe.

Sending everyone our hope for peace,

Angel & Elizabeth
© Avenues for Justice

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