What People Are Saying

Judges, lawyers, journalists, and the teens themselves attest to the success of Avenues for Justice, formerly Andrew Glover Youth Program.

“At a time when the incarceration rate in America is the highest of any nation in the world…AFJ has questioned the status quo to become one of our most successful and cost-effective crime prevention programs.”
- Eric Holder, 82nd U.S. Attorney General

"No program I have ever worked with or heard about has more credibility with attorneys or judges than the Andrew Glover Youth Program."
- Douglas Lyons, Attorney

"The intervention that Avenues for Justice provides may be one of the best ways to find a resolution, to bring a life back into a a clear perspective, to navigate to calmer waters. The clear and decisive action taken by AFJ along with my family is what allowed me to really see the scale to which my life choices were impacting me in a negative and potentially enduring way. I am grateful for the work I was able to do at AFJ and credit them impacting my ability to be in the place I am today happy and healthy even in stormy waters."
-Jules Febre, Avenues for Justice Graduate

"I’m so thankful for having you Avenues for Justice since day one and I’m very thankful for everybody that has extended their hands for me and my family in the times of need. I’m trying to educate myself and my kids to help my family and help others as well. You guys are going to get tired of me saying thank you!" 
-Avenues for Justice Parent

"[Avenues for Justce] may be a model to follow. It fills many of the roles of an effective criminal justice system, including punishment, counseling, and rehabilitation.”
- The New York Times

"The Glover Program provides indispensable neighborhood services to troubled youth.”
- Michael A. Corriero, Former Presiding Judge of the Manhattan Criminal Court's Youth Part

"Angel, where do I begin to thank you? You blessed me with a golden opportunity. This May, I will receive a Bachelor of Arts. I will shed tears of joy on graduation day as I remember the young, ignorant, troubled boy that Angel Rodriguez saved!”
- Juan, Andrew Glover Graduate

"Judges have come to rely upon Angel, his integrity and the Andrew Glover Program as a truly meaningful and worthwhile alternative to incarceration.”
- Leslie Crocker Snyder, Judge (ret.)

"This program provides a vital service not only to the youth who come for help, but the judicial system and community as a whole. The staff has enabled many young people to make significant and lasting changes in their lives."
- Linda Hirsch, Social Worker

"If we had more programs this attentive and immediately responsive to the needs of our young people and their families, there would be significantly less need for jails and prisons, less need to incarcerate and stigmatize, and finally, we would understand what it takes to move public attitudes from punishment to providing care.
-Judith Lukin, Avenues for Justice Donor 

Artistic dreams often seem impossibly out of reach, especially with a lack of financial or social capital, so I wanted to acknowledge the importance of the type of community support that AFJ provides to young people who are operating in systems that are not designed to nurture them. All of our youth should have the opportunity to access their deep wells of potential!
-Lily Wong, Avenues for Justice Donor

"The fact that I consistently release defendants to you is behavioral evidence of the high regard I have for the Glover Program."
- Bernard Fried, Judge

"I was greatly impressed with everything I saw. The concepts are exciting, the people truly dedicated."
- Phillip Heymann, Professor, Harvard Law School

"All the love, all the support, all the time, all the effort that Angel put into me, it worked. He never gave up on me. My number one dream is to give back, as much as I was given."
- Elsie Flores, Youth Worker and Former Client

"This is a program that really works. The only one I know of that does. Working from the premise that the individual, no matter how disadvantaged, must accept personal responsibility for his actions, the program has had dramatic success.”
- Alain Bourgeois, Judge

Photo: Marty Umans