Philliber's AFJ Report

Download the 2019 research report for statistics that confirm AFJ's success.

In 2019, Philliber Research Associates gathered data about AFJ's clients, their participation in the program, and the outcome. The results confirm an unusually impressive success rate, demonstrating how AFJ become one of the most successful and cost-effective crime prevention programs in America.

What Makes Avenues for Justice Successful:

The Mayor’s FY 2019 Management Report states that 1,449 youth were admitted to detention at a cost of $1,651 per youth per day – nearly $602,615 on an annualized basis. Since each youth spent an average of 17 days in detention, New York City spent over $40 million on juvenile detention FY 2019. And New York States spends up to $519,000 annually to incarcerate one youth in one of its juvenile prisons, compared to the just over $22,000 spent by the city and state to educate one public school child each year.

Download AFJ's Full 2019 Outcomes via the 2019 Outcomes PDF below.