Board of Directors

A team of top executives and legal experts guides and supports Avenues for Justice.
AFJ Chair, Alanna Rutherford, Marc Porter, Chairman, Christie’s Americas, and AFJ Chair Emeritus, Josh Baer, at the 2018 Second Chance Awards Dinner & Conversation


Chair Emeritus
Josh Baer
Art Dealer & Publisher
Alanna C. Rutherford
VP, Global Litigation & Competition, Visa, Inc.
Vice Chair
Jane Greenberg
Broker Specialist, Halstead Property, LLC
Laura Sweeney
Labor Relations Specialist
Richard C. Trepp
Chairman, The Rockport Group
David Klein
Managing Director, Credit Suisse
Executive Director
Angel Rodriguez
Marc de Swaan Arons
CMO & Executive Board Member, MB Vermeer
Treacy Gaffney
Michael Corriero
Executive Director and Founder of New York Center for Juvenile Justice
Angela Kunicky
Director, Urs Fischer Studio
John Mosler
Sculptor and Retired Investment Banker
Charles Radcliffe
Managing Director, First Republic Securities Company
Suzy A. Reingold
Consultant, Real Estate
Allen Rothman
Member and General Counsel, Countryside Ventures LLC
Dean H. Schaffer
Senior Executive, Investors Economic Assurance, LLC
Antonio Seda
Assistant General Counsel, New York City Transit Authority
Gary Shelto
Managing Member, Investors Economic Assurance, LLC
Photo: Luckey Photography