Avenues for Justice client granted Clayton motion by New York Supreme Court

AFJ Client granted Clayton motion by New York Supreme Court
A Clayton motion is a request made by to dismiss the case at
hand to ensure that justice is served. Clayton motions are granted in
situations where the defendant can demonstrate some "compelling factor,
consideration or circumstance" that should excuse them from some or all of
the penalties associated with being convicted. Clayton motions exist to ensure
that in certain unusual circumstances the exact letter of the law does not
allow injustice to occur. This is extremely significant for the mission of
Avenues for Justice because it establishes a legal precedent wherein youthful
offenders who have committed felonies due to mental illness or addiction
can avoid jail time and be treated instead under the guidance of Avenues for
Justice and it's affiliated rehabilitation programs.
In People v. Brian M., Brian M. is an AFJ client. The granting of a Clayton motion
in this decision is particularly monumental to AFJ and our clients as
it also solidifies our reputation within the criminal justice system.
"A Clayton motion granted under such terms -- the pendulum has really swung away
from the Rock laws." - AFJ Board Member Antonio Seda
Marty Umans