AFJ goes to see Hamilton on Broadway!

Inspired by the success of Hamilton on Broadway, AFJ started a new 8-week class in in East Harlem to teach students about early American history and how to write their own historical raps. The class began in mid-July 2016 and included a four-week history overview from the original Native American cultures to the Pilgrims, the Revolution, and the Burr-Hamilton duel. The students saw the Broadway show in August, and using the show as inspiration, wrote their own American history raps about a topic of their choice. Three students from the class were selected to perform their raps at the 2016 AFJ Second Chance Awards Dinner in October. Michael Small, who led the class, has tutored previous AFJ clients for their American history regents. With the help of Michael Small, one of the students from the class, was recently accepted into college in the fall. Her accomplishment is highlighted on our Facebook page.
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